The Lion Mountains: A Journey Through Sierra Leone's History (DVD)

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This is BlackNine Films first ever documentary, shot in 2004 this historic film tells a moving story of a journey to Sierra Leone, West Africa. A informative film that uncovers a history rarely exposed in mainstream media. Told through the eyes of a 25-year-old Jamaican English man who was born and grew up in England. After a long desire to visit the continent of Africa, he finally decides to visit Sierra Leone. A beautiful country, rich in natural resources, yet today its recorded to be one of the poorest countries in the world. Sierra Leone was still recovering from the damage caused during its 11-year civil war when he arrived. This was a war that devastated the whole country. What happened here?, Why is such a rich country so poor?, Who are the people?, What is their story?, What happened in the days of Empire?

The Lion Mountains: A Journey Through Sierra Leone's History looks atper-colonial Sierra Leone, the beginning of African & European trade, slavery, resistance, the Abolition Act & the effects of imperialism and colonial rule.

This is a great educational tool for people interested in visiting Africa and thosewanting to learn more about African history. The film is fused with a hip-hop & reggae soundtrack, informative interviews with historians, locals from Freetown, and elders, all mixed together with amazing shots of the landscape.

This DVD includes an extra 30 minutes of footage which shows the beauty of Sierra Leone.

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The Lion Mountain (DVD)

Produced by: BlackNine Films & ChesterYang

Directed and Edited by: Nuakai Tehuti Aru

Duration: 54 minutes

Extras: 40 minutes

Language(s): English/Sierra Leone Creole/English Subtitles

Format: PAL (UK)

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