The Enduring Legacy of Pocahontas Island (DVD)

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"The Enduring Legacy of Pocahontas Island" tells the story of one of the oldest African-American communities in America. Set in a small area in Petersburg, Virginia know as Pocahontas Island. The story covers Native American, African and European history from before the settlers arrived, through to slavery, civil war and present day. The film features moving interviews with local residents whose families have lived in the area for generations, historians, tour guides and university professors, all cut together with great archives, music and visuals of the area

This project was headed by the Legacy Media Institute, which is a non-profit US organization founded by award-winning producer and director Tim Reid. Produced in the summer of 2010 the Institute took twelve filmmakers, including one from London representing BlackNine Films through an intensive Documentary Film making program. They all participated in a 4-week course designed to refine their film-making techniques. Together they produced the moving story of Pocahontas Island.

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The Enduring Legacy of
Pocahontas Island (DVD)

Produced by: The Legacy Media Institute

Directed by: The LMI Team

Edited by: Nuakai Tehuti Aru

Duration: 22 minutes

Language(s): English

Format: PAL (UK)

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