Nubian Spirit: The African Legacy of the Nile Valley

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"Nubian Spirit" is a beautifully shot documentary which unravels the fascinating and often magical legacy of Ancient Sudan. It shines light onto the Ancient African culture, history and spiritual mythology of the people from the Nile Valley. The film digs deep into Ancient Africa's numerous contributions to modern civilization. It draws out the reality of such disciplines as astronomy, architecture, science and much more that the Ancient Africans used to make sense of their world.

The film features dynamic interviews with leading scholars Robin Walker, K.N Chimbiri, Anthony Browder, Ife Piankhi, Onyeka, Dr Kimani Nehusi, Rashid El Shelkh, an archaeologist and ground breaking museum curators Stephen Quirke and Sally-Ann Ashton. The revelations and information they contribute help the viewer to fully "over-stand" this important time period. These perspectives are seldom, if ever, taught in mainstream schools or universities.

This is a wonderful educational tool for both children and adults alike who have a genuine thirst for knowledge about the amazing continent of Africa and the world's earliest civilizations that emerged from it.

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Nubian Spirit (DVD)

Produced by:
BlackNine Films

Directed and Edited by:
Nuakai Tehuti Aru

Duration: 74 minutes

Language(s): English

Format: PAL (UK)

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