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Africa's Black Star:
The Life of Kwame Nkrumah

Nubian Spirit:
The African Legacy of the Nile Valley

The Lion Mountains:
A journey Through Sierra Leone's History


Margins to Mainstream: The
story of Black Theatre in Britain

Pocahontas Island

Breaking into the Museum

Grove roots

Hidden Herstories

  • Trailer 1
  • Amy Ashwood Garvy (coming soon)
  • Claudia Jones (coming soon)
  • Octavia Hill (coming soon)
  • Jayaben Desai (coming soon)

Britain's Black History

"Hidden Herstories: Women of Change" is a youth-led heritage project which looks at 4 influential women who haven't had their rightful place in the history books. 20 young people from west London have set out to right this wrong; using their film-making and writing skills, they have made a one hour documentary and published a magazine.

This was facilitated by the Octavia Foundation and all media support and training was provided by Mendez Media and BlackNine Films.

Hidden Herstories
Trailer 1

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