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The Life of Kwame Nkrumah

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The African Legacy of the Nile Valley

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Margins to Mainstream: The
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Britain's Black History

A collection of videos produced for Key stage 3 and 4 students, which explores the social, economical and political contributions of African and Caribbean peoples in London. Presented by Tony Warner; founder of Black History Walks. Co-Produced and Co-Directed by Teachers TV and BlackNine Films.

Designed as Lesson Starters - (key stage 3 for Teachers TV in English schools) these educational videos are about the black presence in Britain, from the arrival of the African Emperor of Roman Septimius Severus and other Black Britons, triangular trade, Gold and the British Bank and African landmarks.

This clip looks at how Britain got rich from Africa gold and Mansa Musa, the African King who was the richest man in the world in the year 1325.

Britain's Black History
Black Britons

Co-Produced by
Teachers TV &
Nuakai Tehuti Aru

Co-Directed by
Teachers TV &
Nuakai Tehuti Aru

Presented by
Tony Warner

Edited by
Teachers TV

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