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Africa's Black Star:
The Life of Kwame Nkrumah

Nubian Spirit:
The African Legacy of the Nile Valley

The Lion Mountains:
A journey Through Sierra Leone's History


Margins to Mainstream: The
story of Black Theatre in Britain

Pocahontas Island

Breaking into the Museum

Grove roots

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Britain's Black History

In 2010, Manifesta and the Museum of London led a project called 'Breaking into the Museum', that involved 14 young people from London to create short films on heritage and curating which would be inspired by objects from inside the Museum new exhibits. The film making training and production support was given by London based film makers, these are some of the films that BlackNine Films, Director Nuakai Aru and others helped to facilitate with some of the young people

This film was created by Zakiya Amlak in regards to the Poll Tax riots 1993 -1994. Her idea was inspired by the History Painting by John Barlett.

Breaking into the Museum
Poll Tax Riots

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