Welcome to the official website of BlackNine Films. Founded in 2004 we are a team of individuals with a diverse range of skills and talents who are all motivated to produce inspirational and conscious media. Our aim is to promote a more rounded view of some of the world's accepted history by highlighting forgotten stories from around the world.

Our investigation of human history has revealed an amazing tapestry of untold and informative insights all of which aren’t adequately represented in mainstream media. Our mission is to share that knowledge with likeminded people around the world. We specialise in ancient civilisations, tribal cultures, anthropology, spirituality, human rights, social issues, politics, and the natural world. As a production team we have become dedicated to traveling the world and venturing deep into the unknown to give voice to the voiceless.

Despite our shoestring budgets we have produced internationally award-winning films. If we were backed and supported with mainstream media budgets we could produce many more amazing films from this exciting genre. If you, your company or channel is interested in commissioning more of our films or sponsoring our work, please contact us. We can work together to produce more films from the inspirational world of the unknown.

Through the power of film and photography we continue bringing light and life to the hidden and unknown stories that helped shape our world as it is today.

‘Mysteries in the unknown can reveal knowledge and wisdom when discovered by the mind of the seeker’


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